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My name is Eva Alordiah, I am an Isoko girl from Delta state. I am from a very simple Christian family, I am a lover of animals. I am a...

My name is Eva Alordiah, I am an Isoko girl from Delta state. I am from a very simple Christian family, I am a lover of animals. I am a Computer Science graduate. I have always loved music and I think doing music now will not be a surprise especially, to my parents. This is something I have always loved. I am also, a professional make- up artiste.
I have my own make- up outfit here in Lagos. I am currently doing music and make- up together. I wanted to be an animator because of my love for cartoons. I also love to draw and that was why I studied Computer Science. What I really wanted to do was computer animation but the course was not in any Nigerian University curriculum.

So, I decided to start with a first degree in Computer Science,hoping to move on from there to study Computer Animation abroad. I am still in love with that and it is something I would do at a later stage of my life. Right now, the part of me that likes to draw, I have converted it to make- up artistry. You know it is all about drawing and painting. I have not dropped any album yet but I have dropped a free tape last year because, my fans wanted that. I am seriously working on my first full album.
I just finished working with Femi Kuti and Darey Art-Alade. I chose music because, music is life. Working with Femi Kuti was a wonderful experience. He is an amazing friend. We were friends for a while before we even thought of working together. Connecting with somebody from that lineage is very imperative. I think Femi Kuti is such a great mentor to have.
My going into music could be said to be because of my mother. She was an amazing singer. She used to sing a lot when we were growing up. She had so many musical tapes. My mother was a good fan of Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, amongst others. I would say that my musical life really started from my mother. I am also a writer.
When I started writing music, it was just fun. I am currently a writer for a couple of magazines. I am also a fashion designer because my mother taught me how to do so when I was growing up. I know how to draw, I do make up. I love music, I love to dance and perform. I love to do anything that is creative.
Coping with other female artistes in the industry will never be a problem to me because, I am a different person and they are all different people, and we are all called to do different things. I have never felt like I'm competing with any body because everybody has his/her own part to perform. My name and my style are unique. My name is not their name and their names are not my name. I do music my own way , likewise everybody. The fact that I don't do what they do makes me unique.
Talking about my looks, everything goes to my mother. She is a nurse and she brought us up very healthy. I have always maintained a strict diet and exercise. I work- out and exercise a lot. I drink a lot of water. I don't stress myself because I don't think there is any need to worry in life. I also trust in God so much because I know there is nothing too big for God to do. I try as much as possible to maintain a very close relationship with God. You know, once in a while, we fall but I try as much as possible to still maintain a closer relationship with God.
I think everything that happened to me in the industry, has a reason. I don't think there is anything that has happened to me that I regret. Everything that happened helped me to grow up to the person that I am now.
The major challenge in promoting a song I would say is finance. There is no money anywhere. I have to fend for myself for sometime now. Being a woman that wants to survive in the industry has many challenges. I have some personal challenges. There is no inspiration anywhere. When you let yourself lose focus because of this, then the challenges come in.
I have gotten to a point where I felt like, I was not doing music any more. There are some artistes I could 'kill' to work with; like, Jesse Jags and 2face. I will also like to work with Sade Adu because I just feel like we can connect on a bigger level. That is not just on the barest minimum of music. Music that can grow a new generation. I will like to grow my music.

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