For Men – 4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Have “Friends” Of The Opposite s*x

Let’s be real! The #1 reason she doesn’t want her man to have female friends is because she doesn’t what him to cheat on her. Even thoug...

Let’s be real! The #1 reason she doesn’t want her man to have female friends is because she doesn’t what him to cheat on her. Even though she knows there’s no fool-proof way of preventing him, this restricted access limits the risk of that happening. Here are 4 reasons why I think it’s healthy for married couples to limit the risk of cheating by restricting the opposite s*x from the status of ‘friend’.
1. You’ll act one way when your spouse is around…but another way when she’s not. Not all the time. But even once is more than enough and sets a bad precedent for future interactions.
2. Having restrictions on female “friends” is like self cock-blocking. The side you show when your wife is not around would not be acceptable if she was standing right next to you. And that is dangerous because the s*xual tension sparked by the forbidden fruit is tantalizing. History is wrought with men and women that thought they were strong enough to resist the forbidden…ask David and Sampson.
3. With respect, MJB is sexy. But so are millions of other women, respectfully speaking. Just because one’s wife is sexy doesn’t mean that other women aren’t. Restricting another sexy woman from “friend” status helps limits the risk that he will cheat with his sexy “friend”.
4. No matter how innocent things start out – helping a fellow student study for an exam, assisting a co-worker with a project, or working together in a church ministry – you might start catching feelings for your female friend. The thing about feelings is…you can’t control them. You can control your emotions, which is how you respond to your feelings. But if you start feeling like you’re falling in love with your female “friend”, you can’t stop that feeling. Yes, you can catch feelings for anyone, at anytime; and your spouse can’t control that. But putting restrictions on who has access to you and in what environment mitigates the risk you’ll catch feelings for your female “friends”.
There’s no 100% fool-proof way to stop your man or woman from cheating. But I think it is wise and healthy to institute some family standards, to which you both adhere, that reduce the risk of someone cheating. I’d rather have them and not need them, than not have them and find out too late that I needed them all along. We’ve got ours. You got yours?
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