Jonathan, Buhari 2nd week tours: Their promises, the issues

A retrospective look at the campaign pledges of the two leading presidential candidates, President Goodluck Jonathan of the Peoples Democra...

Jonathan A retrospective look at the campaign pledges of the two leading presidential candidates, President Goodluck Jonathan of the Peoples Democratic Party,PDP, and Gen Mohammadu Buhari ,rtd, of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in the past five days, showed a deluge of promises on how to move Nigeria forward. Unlike the pattern since the presidential campaigns commenced, the rhetorics were less confrontational and offensive from both parties this week
President Goodluck Jonathan  (PDP Presidential Candidate)
SOKOTO: We will improve agriculture
“In the area of Agriculture, tell me of any government that has supported the North with several agricultural equipment and with billions in cash loans. If I don’t like the North, will they benefit up to 70percent of Agricultural reforms we are doing?’’“As President, my administration established 14 new Universities, four was built in the South while 10 was built in the North, yet they keep telling you I hate the North. If truly I hate the North and I do not want the children from the North to be like me, will I take such action”.
KEBBI: I’ll step up rice production
President Jonathan promised that the rice revolution in Kebbi State would be stepped up to stop importation in Nigeria.
“I want to plead with Nigerians not to mind all the criticisms against me and my administration to vote for us. Our achievements so far have been seen by Nigerians and the people of the north-west need to vote us back into power at the February 14 presidential elections. Part of our developmental plans for Kebbi is to step up the rice revolution in the state”.
ZAMFARA: We will build an airport
President Jonathan promised the people of Zamfara State a befitting airport if re-elected.
“We must fix Bakolori Dam and irrigation project for our farmers. We will work with you to explore the solid minerals in the state to create jobs for the young people.
We will also improve education and that is why we created a university in Zamfara State and we will make sure we step up on agriculture. That is why we also have a silo here; about 100,000 metric tonnes capacity. We will do everything to make sure we create jobs for you; to make sure that you are educated.”
KATSINA: We built a federal university
‘’My administration was able to provide Katsina State a Federal University when it became embarrassing that as the cradle of western education in the country, the state could not boast of a federal university.
‘’Katsina State had produced the first female pilot among those currently being trained under the Petroleum Development Trust Fund (PTDF) and my administration has associated more with farmers more than any other in the country’s history.
“We have challenges like many other countries in the world but we are still managing because of our focus. We will get through our challenges because we are working hard and you know it.”
We have done well by building Almajiri’s schools, fighting desertification, youth unemployment among others in the state and the country in general.’’
KANO: Jonathan promises more Industries
In Kano he said: “We are trying to create young business men and luckily we are in Kano, and if you talk about business, you remember people like the Aliko Dangotes, you can remember the Dantatas, the Rabius and others. We will surely work with you to encourage small and micro medium scale enterprises to make sure young people like you grow up to the likes of Aliko Dangotes.
That is what we stand for, that is what we are working for.
“We reassure you that working with you, we will surely continue to improve commerce and industry in Kano. We will make sure young people have jobs, our women will have jobs; and that the economy of Kano will continue to grow from strength to strength.”
BAUCHI: Solid mineral development to receive priority
At the Bauchi rally, he vowed to empower the youths. He said his government would focus more on the solid mineral development which is capable of providing empowerment to the youths of Bauchi State.
General Muhammadu Buhari (APC Presidential Candidate)
KANO: I will fight insecurity
“Wherever I go, I speak on three fundamental issues; insecurity, unemployment and corruption because they are the main challenges bedevilling the country. So, I am using this opportunity to call on you, particularly the youth, to make sure you obtain your voter cards to enable you vote for us to assist you. All these noise will not help matters if you fail to come out and vote for the APC during the forthcoming elections in the country,
‘’ I am appealing to you; the damage done to this country is great. The level of unemployment, level of insecurity is intolerable. The journey has
Buhari: Our situation must change!
Buhari: Our situation must change!
begun. It will take time, it will take patience, it will take support from you to make sure that we succeed. My administration will serve the people of this country judiciously, through improved healthcare delivery system, and quality education, to enable the citizens enjoy the dividends of democracy.’’
KADUNA: Protect your votes and shun violence
The rally in Kaduna was an avenue to re-echo his calls on his supporters to ensure that their votes are protected.
‘’We are calling on you, on February 14, pick your voters’ cards, vote, protect your votes, escort your votes and wait. Anywhere I go, I speak about three things that are major challenges to us as a nation since the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) came to power 16 years ago
‘’If we vote APC, we are helping ourselves. We will renovate and equip our schools and employ teachers. We will renovate our hospitals, equip them and supply them with drugs. We will rehabilitate the entire bad roads. By the grace of God, within two years into my administration, if elected, Nigerians will see a remarkable difference. We believe in democracy,  and that is why in spite of the fact that we were short changed in 2003, 2007 and 20011, we did not ask anybody to go and kill or slaughter anybody, we went to the courts.’’
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