Nigeria’ll Be Better In The Next 5 Years – Jonathan Says

President Goodluck Jonathan has said that although his administration is yet to take Nigeria to its rightful place, if the progress he has...

President Goodluck JonathanPresident Goodluck Jonathan has said that although his administration is yet to take Nigeria to its rightful place, if the progress he has recorded so far continues in the next four or five years, the country would be better off.
Speaking during a church service at the Christ Apostolic Church, Area 1, Durumi, Abuja, where he worshiped yesterday, the president noted that the country was making progress even though the result of his government’s effort may not be obvious immediately.
He said, “For me and members of my team, in spite of the challenges, we will continue to do our best. As a nation, we have not reached where we want to be – definitely not – but we are coming up with a number of policies.
“Those who are taking pains to look at what we are doing will agree with us that if we progress as a nation steadily in this manner, in the next four or five years, this country will be a better place.”
Jonathan added that his economic management team had been working hard to stabilize the oil price in order to ensure that it does not drop to, or below, $40 the way it happened between 2008 and 2009.
“We have talked about the drop in the global price of oil. Of course, if there is a drop in oil price, it will affect us in one way or the other. We tell our people to bear with us. It has happened before – in 2008, 2009. It came down to almost about $40, but we survived as a nation.
“This time, by all predictions, it will not even go as low as that. We will surely survive it. The economic team is working very hard to stabilise it and we believe that although there may be temporary inconveniences, it will definitely not bring the economy down.”
He urged the church to continue to pray for his administration, saying despite the fact that the country was facing challenges, Nigeria’s troubles would not be more than what God’s children faced in the Bible.
“We are facing a lot of challenges now as a nation. The challenges did not start today but somehow, instead of abating, the problems started increasing for one reason or the other, but I am convinced that it would have been worse than this but for your prayers. With the prayers you continue to offer to God, God will see us through.”
Acknowledging that next year would be a trying one for the country because of the 2015 general polls, the president observed that election years in third world countries are always turbulent, but expressed confidence that the country will overcome the challenges ahead.
“I however believe that the God who brought us to this level will see us through. All that I will request of you is to continue to pray for us politicians – myself and other politicians from all political parties – for God to guide us in our utterances and what we do so that we will not sacrifice the lives of Nigerians because of our ambitions,” he said .
Source: Leadership NG
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