7 Super Romantic Things That Husbands Do Unknowingly

Guys, if you think that your woman is tough to please, think again. Because, the reality is far from it. The big news is that your...

Guys, if you think that your woman is tough to please, think again. Because, the reality is far from it. The big news is that your women actually are pleased by simple, everyday gestures. Shocked? Don’t be! It, in fact, is true. For women, romance is not just limited to red roses, chocolates, candle light dinners and gifts. Romance means something much more to them. It can be anything from simple words of praise to helping her in the kitchen. Find out what more that you usually do, or can do, to make your lady feel special.
1. Making the bed
This is something that she probably expects the least from you! After managing her office, household chores and the kids, she is obviously exhausted. So, when finds the bed all done and tidied, ready to snuggle in the already laid sheets, her joy knows no bounds! This is something that she will find most thoughtful and romantic.
2. Spending time with the kids
Looking after the kids, helping them in their school projects and studies, reading them bedtime stories, and other such simple things convince your wife that no one can be more lovable and caring than you. You definitely earn a lot of brownie points there!
3. Helping in kitchen
Women know that men usually don’t like to work in kitchen. But when they see you right next to them in the kitchen peeling potatoes, doing dishes, or even mixing salad, they go all “aww…” in their hearts! In fact, they find this gesture so endearing that they actually fall head over heels in love with you all over again.
4. Accompanying her for shopping
It need not be for some pricey dress or shoes. Just notice the smile and the sparkle in her eyes when you accompany her even for household shopping. And, in the store, if she finds you holding her hand unexpectedly, then the “love hormones” are in for a sudden shoot-up, trust us.
5. Few words of praise
“My wife is wonderful,” “My wife takes care of everything,” “She is an excellent homemaker,” and many such simple words, especially when said in front of friends and family, make her feel very special. To know that you value and respect what she does for you, makes her love you even more.
6. Taking care of her when she is unwell
Those times, when you take leave from your office to look after your wife when she is ill, makes you nothing less than an angel. A woman loves it when her partner takes charge of the house when she is not well. She also loves when you remember her medicines, her meals and tucking her in bed, or just sitting beside her, holding her hand. She feels blessed, and thanks you silently for everything.
7. An unexpected hug
That sudden hug, which you give her while she is doing her household chores just sways her away. Women find such gestures romantic as they make her feel special and cared for.
Surprised at how the most unexpected acts and gestures can in fact turn out to be the most amazing ones? Try these, and we are sure your bond will grow like never before.
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